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Selena Gomez Nude Photo – Kylie Jenner’s Photoshop FAIL (DHR)

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Selena Gomez shows her body off on Instagram while Kylie is accused of photoshopping her pics. All this & more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown.

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5 thoughts on “Selena Gomez Nude Photo – Kylie Jenner’s Photoshop FAIL (DHR)

  1. Sellena im a big fan but you going out there and telling girls you dont
    want to see their bodies on lige then picture some nude pics wth

  2. when she said “i dont want to see your body on IG, i want to see what’s in
    here(heart)” , she didn’t mean that she wants people to stop posting their
    body on IG. What she meant was, stop focus on the body, but more focus on
    their heart..ppl can post their body, she can post her body, but the damn
    looking good body is not what really matter, but the heart. i dont speak
    english everyday, but I got her message, why can’t you?

  3. Selena Gomez said that from now on she’s only going to keep her real
    friends close and let go of those who weren’t there for her, so I don’t
    think she is friends with the Hadid’s. And I don’t know about Swift, they
    haven’t been together in a while and there were rumours that she didn’t
    visit her in rehab.

  4. that photographer is a really famous fashion photographer. I don’t think he
    needs press from tagging the weeknd

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