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Kylie Jenner Reveals She Feels “Constantly Pressured” In Life Of Kylie First Look Trailer

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The pressure of living life in the spotlight is getting to Kylie. Like, really, really getting to her.
Kylie’s lavish and glamorous lifestyle will eventually come to a stop, but it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. In a brand spankin’ new trailer for Kylie’s highly anticipated docu-series, the reality star admitted to the cameras that she constantly feels SO much pressure to keep up with her public persona and to stay true to who she really is when she’s around her friends.
Of course, that isn’t the only pressure Kylie is feeling these days. Aside from having to constantly keep up her public image, the lip kit mogul revealed that she also feels pressured to not let anybody down. Um, that’s definitely a lot of weight to keep on your shoulders, if you ask me.
And while it may seem as if Kylie is living the perfect life – and she kinda is — the reality star candidly revealed that she can’t keep up her perfect lifestyle forever. GASP! Anyway, Kylie’s docu-series is set to give us all a different glimpse inside her private world but to be honest, none of us really know what to expect – not even her sisters.
I’m sure Kylie’s family tuning in for her docu-series is just gonna add more pressure to her already intensely pressured life.
Are you guys excited for Kylie’s spin-off docu-series? Let me know in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to watch the very first episode of It Got Real and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see ya next time.

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    Everyone should look at the future, try and come up with solutions to fix everyone lives not tear someone else down. Can we just be better.

  2. Yeah, screw the starving people in Africa or the people who are forced into human trafficking. I have to make sure I post on all of my social medias on the hour and sleep with black rappers constantly. Feel bad for me and my brand new Lambo and my house in Beverly Hills.

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