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Harry Styles’s Fangirls Are The Future | Pop Feminist

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Harry Styles released his solo album today, and Directioner fangirls aren’t the only ones excited about it. A group of older men are really vibing with Harry’s Bowie-inspired redirection — no pun intended. But with these new fans we’re seeing a lot of dismissive sexist commentary about his original “fangirls.” It’s time to take these haters down a notch.

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Harry Styles’s Fangirls Are The Future | Pop Feminist

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5 thoughts on “Harry Styles’s Fangirls Are The Future | Pop Feminist

  1. I’m sooo pissed… I have more to say. So, this album is so good because is more Freddie Mercury and Bowie. So, One Direction music was trash, but now that he is imitating “real” musicians, those who are aproved by men instead of just “fangirls”, everything is better, and now he’s gonna be able to reach a bigger audience, because girls were never enough (btw, I really like Never Enough). And don’t make me talk about Nolan… will Dunkirk pass the Bechdel test? I don’t think so.

  2. So, it’s necessary a guy’s opinion for girls to feel validated? Is that what we are celebrating? Oh, a man said girls are important, that is important to girls. Stay calm, Malala Yousafzai, Harry Styles says girls are ok.

  3. This is so important!! whatever teenage girls like is imidiately dismissed by society. 1D, Justin Bieber, Twilight, Chick-flicks, Pretty Little liars etc. Music or cinema popular amongst teenage giirls is never nominated to awardshoes where the winner is chosen by a jury. Why is it that Justin Bieber was nominated to so many grammys for purpose when he got a wider audience, and not for the 4 albums he released before that?

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