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Rupert Grint Claims He INVENTED Ed Sheeran In Hilarious Parody Video

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Fake tattoos, a burned-out Hogwarts tee, and a sheer case of stage fright?!?!?! THAT’S NO ED… I KNEW I SMELLED A WEASLEY.

WILL THE REAL ED SHEERAN PLEASE STAND UP… YEAH, we’re gonna have a problem here. If there’s even such thing as this ‘Ed Sheeran’, who really knows, because Hogwarts alumn Rupert Grint has officially come forth with the most shocking revelation… that surprisingly makes sense.

While he earlier admitted to being mistaken for the fellow ginger-haired singer, Rupert managed to whip up a bit of mischief as he prepared to take the stage during an MTV ‘After Hours’ session, when the realness of the performance quickly set in, forcing Rupert to rip open his flannel only to unveil a last-season Gryffindor alumn tee while confessing what we’d been fearing all along. ED SHEERAN IS NOT REAL…

Alas, Ed was born. Although the audience fell into a shock, Rupert’s confession resulted in pure outrage, as he admitted QUOTE, “I didn’t expect everyone to think he was real. He became my best achievement and bane of my existence.” This caused us all, including the show’s host to wonder if anything was even real, like, ‘The adorable klutziness or all the cat photos?’

The entire spoof continues as the host convinces him to still perform his set, when Rupert/Ed reveals that with the new album and tour dates, he just can’t balance it anymore! But after much convincing, and a renewed sense of determination, Rupert reclaimed his phony title of THE Ed Sheeran, and stepped back into the spotlight.

Ok, so thankfully, this was all just a parody skit, and Ed Sheeran is actually a living, breathing, singing human just as we suspected. But the real Ed DID get himself into a bit of a musical mishap when many were quick to notice that the pre-chorus to his single “Shape of You” sounded oddly familiar to the rhythm of TLC’s smash hit ‘90s classic “No Scrubs”.

Ed has since responded to those claims, validating the comparisons by adding the “No Scrubs” co-writers Kandi Burruss and Tameka “Tiny” Colette, of the girl group Xscape, along with Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs to the song’s credits. Thankfully no hard feelings have since been exchanged between Ed and TLC’s songwriters, as Kandi Burruss tweeted nothing but blessings to Ed, earlier this week, writing QUOTE, “Congrats #edsheeran for having the #1 album! & thank you for allowing @majorgirl & I to share in the success of #ShapeOfYou! #1 for 7 weeks! This is how I dance every time this song comes on. #ShapeOfYou #Blessings.” **and cue little viral internet boy busting a move to ‘Shape of You’**

“Shape of You” is officially Tiny’s second and Kandi’s third chart-topper based on writing credits as she also co-wrote Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills”. So two things are for certain – we’re so glad there is no bad blood between songwriters, but most importantly, we’re just happy that Ed is a REAL-LIVE HUMAN, and not Rupert Grint, Slim Shady, or some fictional character straight outta Hogwarts. So be sure to share all your thoughts on Rupert’s hilarious parody right down here in the comments, and after that, be sure to click right over here to check out all the songs you didn’t know were written by Ed Sheeran. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Tom Plumley and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “Rupert Grint Claims He INVENTED Ed Sheeran In Hilarious Parody Video

  1. How do ppl mix them up?! Yes they have the same hair color but their facial features are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Gosh, it’s like saying all Asians lookalike, which is obviously not true.

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