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Misty Copeland: Ballet’s listening after George Floyd

"As the world is changing, as it grows more diverse, if the ballet world doesn't evolve with it, then it's going to die," Misty Copeland tells reporter Jenna Adae.The American ballet star is one the most famous black dancers in the world.She says that after George Floyd's death and

Socially-distanced Sesame Street calms children’s Covid fears

During the pandemic, puppeteers in the Middle East had to film the latest series of Sesame Street - or 'Ahlan Simsim' as it is known locally - in their homes. Now, filming on set has resumed in Jordan, with strict social-distancing rules. The Muppets and their puppeteers aim to

Brothers play tabla to the BBC theme tune

Ryan and Isaac, aged 11 and eight, have been playing the tabla, traditional drums, since they were very young.The brothers, from Lahore in Pakistan, rose to fame on Instagram after celebrities praised them for their talent.They had a go at playing the BBC News theme tune for us. Source link