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Cambodia’s first gay dance company

Prumsodun Ok is a choreographer and founder of Cambodia's first gay dance company.He performs Khmer dance, an ancient dance form with roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and animist practices in the region.Khmer dance used to be performed by both men and women, but over the last few centuries has become

The Indian painters reviving Cheriyal, a 500-year-old art form

The Cheriyal style of painting, believed to be more than five centuries old, is unique to the southern Indian state of Telangana. But today it is under threat of extinction: due to its declining popularity, the state now has only 16 Cheriyal artists.However, all may not be lost.A group

Serge Ibaka: NBA champion’s YouTube cooking show

Congolese basketballer Serge Ibaka racks up millions of views cooking unusual food on YouTube.He feeds it to fellow sports stars, like Kawhi Leonard and Romelu Lukaku.BBC Sport Africa went to meet him in Toronto.Producer: Isaac FaninVideo by Mark Sedgwick Source link

How Instagram trends wrestled wreaths from Christmas

The rise of wreaths as an online trend has seen millions of images posted on Instagram.Ashlee Jane, who lives near Ipswich, posts photographs of her work as part of her lifestyle account on the social network, gaining nearly 30,000 followers.She said wreath-making was a passion she "loves" and added: